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Our consultants offer our clients a great deal of industry experience gained in different positions. They are either experienced in a particular technical area or well-versed in project management. One thing that every IMIG consultant offers is this: the skills and ability to work effectively in order to find solutions and achieve effective implementation. They do so without any fear of getting into contact with managers or the production experts. They always strive to adapt themselves to each one of our unique clients and to not simply offer standardized models or approaches. Run-of-the-mill blueprints are not our thing.

This is what makes working with IMIG special – especially exciting and appealing to anyone who wants to achieve sustainable improvements. And, by the way, this is not a matter of age but a matter of having the right mindset.

Do you believe we could be a match? Let’s find out! We look forward receiving your application and meeting you in person.

Job vacancies

We’re looking for dedicated, motivated and experienced associates that will cooperate with us to execute projects. Is your dream job not listed? Then send us an unsolicited job application -
qualified people are always welcome!

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During my previous career, I was able to gain extensive know-how in the fields of engineering and viability of corporation. I really appreciate, that I was given the opportunity to present and advance IMIG in the United States.

Cyril Berg
Managing Director, IMIG USA

The rate of change is getting exponential. Finding and navigating your set route will be key. For sustainable success of our clients, we combine our long-term global expertise and innovation. 

Thoralf Enström
Thoralf Enström
Senior Consultant, IMIG USA

Working with IMIG and specifically Jacob GmbH, has offered me an excellent opportunity to work with global manufacturing, distribution and customer insights. We have more in common than most people think!

David Goodwin
David Goodwin
Senior Sales Consultant, IMIG USA

IMIG enables me to combine their resources and expertise of the organization with insights and best practices acquired during my career in industry towards helping clients achieve their goals in the North American market.

Alphonse Criscuolo
Alphonse Criscuolo
Consultant, IMIG USA

The most important leadership principle for us here at IMIG and our client projects is: wait and do not demand anything you are not prepared to do.

Dr. Matthias Hartmann

The special thing about working at IMIG is that we place focus on helping our clients achieve success. To do so, we not only develop concepts but also work hard to implement projects in a goal-oriented and sustainable way.

Christian Pfingstl
Managing Director, IMIG Germany

IMIG is down-to-earth, international and effective at implementation. In my position, I have been able to specifically expand my technical expertise and to apply the methods we develop to future-oriented projects.

Dennis Mayer
Consultant, IMIG Germany

For me, for many young people and even for my experienced co-workers, working at IMIG means learning every day and constantly developing yourself.

Lisa Lang
Junior Consultant, IMIG Germany

From my start at IMIG, I started supporting complex projects due to my long experience in the Industry sector, but still, I feel there is a lot to learn and I am growing every day. I particularly like the fact that projects are not just theoretical, rather implemented in practice together with the customer to his advantage.

Thomas Klein
Consultant, IMIG Germany

IMIG develops effective solutions and supports its customer in every step to implement and achieve success.
Here, I have experienced and gained massive knowledge in Industry sector.

Anuj Lodaya
Anuj Lodaya
Junior Consultant, IMIG Germany

Due to my longtime experience in the industry as well as in sports management paired with the implementation strength of IMIG, together we are able to see the invisibilities, recognize and efficiently implement them. Because every change begins with a vision.

Dino di Lucrezia
Dino di Lucrezia
Consultant, IMIG Germany

Supporting cooperation efforts between our consultants and our clients at locations around the globe always leads to new approaches for improving administrative processes at IMIG as well as among our clients.

Corinna Hartmann
Administration, IMIG AG

"All beginnings are difficult", but at IMIG, it was very easy. Thanks to the experienced, very helpful and friendly staff.

Dustin Buchholzer
Assistant to the board, IMIG AG

IMIG is all about supporting our customers to realise business excellence. I am proud to be leading our presence in the UK and establishing strong partnerships with our customers, whilst knowing the whole IMIG family is there to support us. I am also happy to be using my skills and experience whilst growing our people with proven tools and techniques.

Alun Tribe
Managing Director, IMIG UK

Working at IMIG UK Ltd. has given me opportunities that I would never have had in previous positions. I can exercise my strengths and improve my weaknesses in any task I have worked on from the beginning. Despite my young age I am treated as an equal by my peers. I am very excited about what the future has to offer and look forward to seeing the team grow further.

Tomas Brignell
Consultant, IMIG UK

I started my lean consultancy journey 14 years ago. Worked with wide range of consultancy bodies across 7 different sectors. In my honest humble opinion, IMIG approach is one of the best, if not the best. I truly look forward to working with this great team every week. I don’t get this Monday morning feeling anymore!

Khalid Said
Consultant, IMIG UK

I knew straight away that I had made the right decision to join a great team. Even during the early days of video teams call we bonded straight away. Once we were able to get back on the customers site it was clear we were onto something special. Hard work, customer focused and well supported from the leadership. IMIG UK is at the start of an incredible journey and I am proud and excited to be part of that.

Simon Lucas
Consultant, IMIG UK

IMIG provides the optimum solutions to improve and change any situation, achieving as much as possible in all the business fields. Because IMIG aims only at the best results.

Dr. Xavier Pujol
Dr. Xavier Pujol
Managing Director, IMIG Spain

I have learnt tremendously from this challenging job. Working at IMIG has made me a better person in many ways.
I greatly appreciate this opportunity and am excited about the journey ahead.

Becky Tang
Becky Tang
Administration, IMIG China

IMIG can create social and customer value through trust & collaboration. We as FMIC/IMIG are providing Innovation consulting and practice of future management.

Kazuo Ooiwa
Managing Director, FMIC / IMIG Japan

IMIG contributes to the development of society through the growth of our proud customers and achieves sustainable development goals.

Atsushi Takahashi
Executive Advisor & Director of Future Management Laboratory, FMIC / IMIG Japan

Above all, the IMIG's way of thinking outside the box made a big impact on me, and now I became accustomed to looking always toward the “future” without fixed ideas. So proud as one of the members of IMIG.

Hisako Tanada
Chief Facilitator, FMIC / IMIG Japan

IMIG can realize my dream which is sustainable growth and achieving environmental persistence and growth at once. I am always shaping profound and wide thoughts to develop and practice new ideas and challenges about innovation management.

Akira Shimogaki
Akira Shimogaki
Senior Consultant, FMIC / IMIG Japan

The IMIG Group contributes to your business and I have the opportunity to know the changes in the world. There are many chances to try anything if you have motivation. Flexibility is one of our great advantages from requests from our customers.

Mitsue Asano
Mitsue Asano
Chief Researcher, FMIC / IMIG Japan

At IMIG you can work worldwide and get a lot of opportunities for your own growth. IMIG has the capability of adaptation to circumstance about Industry.

Kazuo Tsuru
Consultant, FMIC / IMIG Japan

IMIG has given me a chance to widen my view and synergized my global strategic thinking. We can always set difficult challenges and stand before them with our team.

Atsushi Harada
Atsushi Harada
Senior Consultant, FMIC / IMIG Japan

IMIG constantly adapt to the various level of customers and support their growth. IMIG is always an inspiration for own motivation.

Yuichiro Kuroki
Senior Consultant, FMIC / IMIG Japan

IMIG is a company that contributes not only to the growth of the customer but also to the growth of the employee itself.

Akie Funahashi
Akie Funahashi
General Administration, FMIC / IMIG Japan

I am proud to be part of a talented, experienced and helpful team who are always ready to support our customers building a better future. At IMIG, we recognise that each customer is different and provide the best and specific solution to ensure customer's every success.

Edward Liu
Managing Director, IMIG Australia
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