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FMIC had invited to 7th Future Management Conference 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

We held the 7th Future Management Conference in Tokyo on Jan 24th 2019, called FM conference 2019. We have invited about 100 people from 42 different companies. Regarding FM Conference 2019, our purpose was to have an understanding for our Future Management and FMIC activity. The theme was “Find out Business opportunity and Self Innovation”.

Abb. 1: Plenum der FM Konferenz
Fig.: 1: Plenum Future Management Conference


#1 of speaker was Kazuo Ooiwa of FMIC CEO. His topic was “Get chance of New Industrial Revolution and Break through Innovation-Chasm”.
#2 of speaker was Professor Hidehiro Inagaki of Shizuoka University. His topic was “The weak strategy that a weed survive”. He is botanist.
#3 of speaker was Masato Nitta of Fujitsu Software Technologies ltd. CEO. His topic was  ”Challenge simultaneous Innovations for Long term Strategy planning and Genba Capability”.
#4 of speaker was Akira Shimogaki of FMIC Senior consultant. Her topic was “The procedure of Innovation by Co-Creation”.

After that we did a collaboration session. The participants discussed about F-Lab’s practice case after presentation by Honda Engineering, Canon Anelva, Fujitsu Quality Laboratories and Taiyo Wire Cloth.


Our last speaker was Atsushi Takahashi of FMIC Miraihajime Lab Director. Her topic was “From hiking to highest-peak challenge by 3 Innovation acceleration solutions”.

Jin Suzuki
Jin Suzuki
Senior Consultant I FMIC/IMIG Japan

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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