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Short Introduction of Ralf Müller - Consultant at IMIG Industry Consult GmbH


My name is Ralf Müller and I have been employed at IMIG Industry Consult GmbH in Leonberg since January 2020.

Born in the transition of the generations "babyboomer to generation Golf", I can look back on almost 20 years of schooling and training, and meanwhile almost 30 years of professional experience. ATARI ST and C64 were my first PCs - the image build-up of the space shuttle took 10 minutes. Today, when I make a video call from my home office via MS teams, share my screen and work together with the participants on documents - which we store in a cloud - I feel like I'm on the right track.

My professional path began with my studies of plastics engineering in Würzburg, Germany, and my first job with an international automotive supplier. I worked in different areas, from work preparation/calculation, project management to sales engineer.  As a key account manager, I supported OEMs and tier 1 suppliers in Europe and partly also in the USA. I particularly enjoyed this task because, in addition to knowledge of the language, technology and business administration, dealing with people of different origins, education and culture were very challenging and inspiring.

After 8 years the change to another branch followed - household goods. With my own production in Germany and the focus on design articles, my initial task as a product manager was to realize the balancing act between design demands and economic efficiency. So I regularly visited factories in Asia to learn about their manufacturing processes and to have products manufactured there as an "extended workbench". Further stations in the company (supply chain management, purchasing management) led me to the position of the "technical director".

And here our paths - that of IMIG GmbH and mine - crossed for the first time. The introduction of a "holistic production system" was the issue and IMIG had received the order from our parent company to implement this introduction group-wide. As a project manager I was responsible for the introduction and implementation - many trainings on the basics and principles, on methods and tools, followed. I remember the competence of the IMIG consultants and especially that of Dr. Hartmann as particularly impressive.

The use of a pictorial, clear and content-strong language, the discussion at eye level and the focus on implementation were and are strong core competencies and at the same time trademarks of IMIG GmbH.

"Learning to unlearn" - in the beginning, I did not understand what is meant by this. It is not about forgetting things, but rather to recognize that what has been learned must not be "set in stone". In a world that consists of constant and ever-faster changes (the VUCA world), it is easy to lose ground contact. The changes are real - we must allow them and adjust our behaviour accordingly.

Agile project management, Professional SCRUM Master (PSM), change management, innovation management and work 4.0. With these advanced trainings, I have taken the path to "unlearning" - and learned many new and exciting things. But I also cut off some "old habits".

At IMIG we are a mixed team of different ages, origins, education, nationality, and gender. This diversity is a real enrichment, is fun and brings me/us forward not only professionally but also personally. I am therefore very much looking forward to working with our team on your future sustainability - let us go this way together.


Ralf Müller
Consultant I IMIG Germany

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