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Short Introduction of Ashley Fowler – Senior Consultant at IMIG UK

My name is Ashley Fowler and I joined IMIG UK this month as a Senior Consultant. I’ve spent my career in the Automotive Industry, predominantly at McLaren Automotive, but also at Tier 1 Suppliers establishing processes, controls, managing personnel, budgets, implementing tooling and equipment and resolving issues which arise during manufacture or assembly.

When not at work, I’m usually found playing squash, seeing friends, walking the dog, entertaining the cat or at the gym dealing with the various injuries which have built up over the years. My girlfriend and I have also just bought a house together, and although it’s fairly new I’m sure I’ll be spending time over the next few years improving and adding our personal touches to it. I am building an N gauge model railway in a spare bedroom alongside getting hands on with my 1974 MGB Roadster and spend time riding my 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille.


I have spent the last 5 years working in new product launch for McLaren Automotive as part of their Track 20 and then Track 25 business plans. My first role there was during the launch of the 720s, establishing manufacturing processes and working as part of the cross-functional quality teams for Line 2 of General Assembly; door fit, body panel and finisher fit and finishing the interiors. I was then promoted to senior manufacturing engineer and made responsible for the launch of the McLaren Senna, managing the project through the various gateways including manpower planning and controlling the budget to purchase all required tooling and to recommission the old P1 assembly line.

Following the successful launch of that vehicle, I was promoted again to Logistics Engineering Manager within MPC, where I quickly implemented a set of relevant and pro-active KPI’s, switching the series teams focus away from reacting to problems that had already happened and aiming to prevent them in the first place. Alongside this I was developing solutions for incoming models, developing a kitting concept for the painted body panels and vehicle specific parts for the McLaren Speedtail and leading the team to update the logistics master data, systems and processes for each new model being introduced on the main production line. Through the restructuring of the business in late 2020 I found myself leading the logistics project team covering the whole range of future models.

In 2019 I had begun studying a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership through the CMI and, using furlough to my advantage, I managed to complete the course and became a Chartered Manager in late 2020.


Prior to working at McLaren, I was a Production engineer with KAB Seating, where I developed the concept for and ordered the Genesis line - introducing single piece flow, kitting and updated technologies like DC tooling, smart process screens and pick to light to the complex seat suspension unit assembly process on an all-new line.

Before KAB Seating, I worked at IM Kelly, first as a graduate project engineer and then a manufacturing engineer working on their range of parts supplied into Aston Martin, including the limited-edition Comet (VH499) and the early development of the DB11 interior. As this was my first role in the industry it introduced me to a lot of technologies and methods, as well as an appreciation for the high-quality standards required for automotive niche luxury and high-performance vehicle market.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering Design from Kingston University, with a focus on diesel technology and a group dissertation assessing the impact of aerodynamic improvements to commercial vehicles.

I have also been an active member of the Army Reserve, involved in taking new Officer Cadets through their basic training such as drill, fieldcraft, physical training and giving introductions to the concepts and theories of leadership, being awarded best instructor in 2010.

I was attracted to this challenging role within IMIG UK because I am driven to improve our customers by applying the skills I’ve learned in new environments and because I was drawn towards learning and applying practically the smart solutions and tools that IMIG uses. It’s a company which follows my own personal ethos by being focused on the shop floor and priding itself on being results focused.

Ashley Fowler
Senior Consultant I IMIG UK Ltd.

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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