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Short Introduction of Alun Tribe - Managing Director of IMIG UK Ltd.

My name is Alun Tribe and I have been the Managing Director and shareholder of IMIG UK Ltd. since its creation in January 2020. My areas of specialisation are Leadership, business excellence and Lean management of processes and suppliers. I have over 20 years of practical experience as an engineer, manager and senior leader in the automotive, aerospace and defence industries.

When I am not working, I am an active cyclist which started from the age of 12.  Now I run my own amateur team and we travel to Europe for races each season. We compete in Road Racing, Time Trials, Cyclo-Cross, Sportive and Velodrome events. Last year I rode the amateur 174km Paris-Roubaix where all of my professional skills of planning, team work and mechanical preparation were required on top of many km of training and will power! 

After completing a technician apprenticeship in toolmaking and process engineering, I studied for my degree in Integrated Engineering (Mechanical Engineering + Control Systems) and also completed research into biomechanics for medical recovery techniques.  Following University I worked initially as a Trials and Finite Element Modelling Validation Engineer, where I was lucky to work in the USA and grow my experiences as an engineer and a professional.  I then transferred to a Programme Leader developing new technologies and finally as a Team Leader of technical staff in the USA.

My next opportunity came as an Engineering Manager in the automotive industry where I lead technical functions for developing, launching and maintaining programmes across a wide range of OEM customers, focusing on maximising the value of the engineering team whilst ensuring the LEAN principles were adopted in manufacturing throughout the business. This role allowed me to change the operating structure of the company from development stages and embed it in all functions.  I moved from this role to Operations director for 2 sites in the UK and finally to MD for the UK operations. In these roles it has always been clear to me that leadership, expertise and effort must all be present in equal measure to deliver success, especially as business grow and team responsibilities evolve.

More recently I have worked in business transformations within automotive and aerospace organisations.  In this time I have had the opportunity to lead an aerospace plastics company, putting ERP systems in place and developing a LEAN approach throughout the business.  The key challenge in this role was to fully understand the Value Stream and minimise the long duration of stock holding at each phase as this inhibited the ability to invest and strengthen other key areas of the business for production. I also lead a turnaround activity of a Tier one automotive supplier in France, focusing on key delivery and quality KPIs at first before focusing on internal waste of material movements, scrap and labour efficiency. Finally I worked as a programme director for a new product launch and relocation activity with another automotive Tier one. This was a challenging role with many stakeholders to manage or control to both launch, build and relocate production operations.

In my new challenge with IMIG UK, I am convinced that our team of experts combined with the support of the IMIG group will be able to offer smart solutions to our customers.  We are unique in the way we work and are focused on enabling change and delivering results with you, our customers.  IMIG prides itself on being a “shop floor” focused consultancy, who whilst happy to present our plans and your achievements wants to give real value to the client where it matters.

During my first 3 months with IMIG, we have been able to demonstrate our talent and value in supporting automotive companies achieve the standards they strive for each day and we continue to work with our customers to ensure future stability.

Finally to all our customers, colleagues and families I wish you all good health in this difficult period globally and hope to deliver successfully with you all soon.


Alun Tribe
Managing Director I IMIG UK Ltd.

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