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Short Introduction Albrecht Alender – Senior Consultant at IMIG Germany

As a new and former employee at IMIG Industry Consult GmbH, I would like to introduce myself to you today in the newsletter. My name is Albrecht Alender and I have been working again as a Senior Consultant at IMIG Germany since September 2021 with a focus on the automotive sector.

Following the motto "back to the roots", I returned to IMIG after about seven years. I was pleased to discover that I have left some traces in the office or on the drive to this day, such as the visualisation in the office in Leonberg as part of my Office Excellence project at the time in the form of Kanban cards or a Resource Leveling Board. Also, many files with my abbreviation AAL are still visible. Through my work at IMIG from 2011 to 2014, I still know IMIG and individual colleagues quite well!

I am now 54 years old and live with my wife and three children in Calw in the northern Black Forest. The children are now 15, 19 and 22 years old and slowly my wife and I have more freedom for our activities, because the children require less care whilst being at school or at university. But unfortunately we can only rarely enjoy this free space because my father, who is 95 years old, has become a nursing case in the meantime and also demands his care. But now I would like to talk briefly about my professional career.

After graduating as an industrial engineer (FH), I worked at Daimler since 1993 as a project manager in various commercial and technical areas, and from 2001 as a team leader in the functions "Lean Office", "System and Process Quality at the Sindelfingen Plant", and then "Cross-Sectional Processes Quality Production" across all plants before I left Daimler at my own request in April 2010. The prerequisite for this lean expert position was a one-year training as a "lean manufacturing system consultant" at various Daimler locations and at Toyota in Japan. This training was carried out by McKinsey on behalf of Daimler in 2001.

I then began my career as a consultant, first at IMIG in Leonberg from 2011 and then at Staufen AG from 2014. There, the focus of my work was on the implementation of Lean Development, Lean Administration and Operational Excellence projects in the automotive and mechanical engineering industry. During this time, I also carried out projects in logistics and maintenance at Deutsche Bahn. In May 2019, I then moved to AKKA Consulting GmbH as a manager. There I was involved in two larger projects. The first project involved the construction of a battery factory in Poland, for which I was in charge of the project management office. In the second project, we had the goal of digitalising the budget planning and control process in the development of an automotive manufacturer. In September 2021, I returned to IMIG and joined Christian Pfingstl's team.

Privately, I love to be outdoors, either skiing, walking or climbing mountains! South Tyrol or the Allgäu have become second homes for us because we have already established good contacts there. I also do voluntary work for the Calw Music School and for the local grammar school. The music school is about supporting socially disadvantaged families so that their children can also learn to play an instrument. I myself play the home organ and my wife and I also enjoy attending rock concerts. Another passion of mine is supporting social projects in the Ukraine or the Philippines, which are run locally by my brother and also by my brother-in-law.

But now enough information about myself. I am very much looking forward to meeting all my colleagues at the various IMIG locations in person! We have already had one or two opportunities to do so online!


Albrecht Alender
Senior Consultant I IMIG Germany

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 / 928 460.

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