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Process Mining turns the classic BI world on its head

Business Intelligence (BI) applications have been common methods for analyzing and evaluating defined KPIs and processes since the 1990s. A disadvantage of these applications is that users have to identify the relevant selection criteria and define them for the BI dashboard before analysis. This limitation can mean that only parts of a process or only certain correlations are examined. In contrast to BI, which often focuses on individual KPIs, process mining now offers a more comprehensive approach: the complete end-to-end analysis of business processes and their KPIs.

Every work step or execution that is controlled in your company via an information system leaves digital traces behind. Process mining algorithms analyze these digital footprints and use them to create a representation of the real process. In this way, you receive the visualization and evaluation of the actual process reality, including all turbulences and branches. Process mining increases process transparency, which enables you to derive more targeted solutions.

If you would also like to take part in the survey, you can do so under the following link:

Process mining not only enables you to display and analyze the real process, it also interrogates its standard! Use process mining to analyze your current procurement process. Compare the performance of your suppliers, analyze your procurement channels and get valuable insights. The field of application of process mining knows no boundaries. Use it in your sales, logistics or marketing and discover new business models, procurement methods or target groups!

Process Mining @ IMIG

At the IMIG Group, too, we have been dealing with this innovative method for several months, with intending to support you as a team of experts on the subject of process mining. We set ourselves the goal of comprehensively expanding our competencies in this area and adding advice on all aspects of process mining as a product to our portfolio.

Of course, we aren't just supporting and pursuing our internal change. We have recently distributed a questionnaire to our customers to be able to analyze initial experiences and findings that have already been made with process mining. We intend to use the survey to identify the respective knowledge and skills of our customers to be able to offer products and services that are individually tailored to you.

As a next step, we are planning our first practical test at the beginning of December, which we will be able to carry out with one of our long-standing customers. The preparations are already in full swing and we are already looking forward to the forthcoming deadline and the results!


Alina Grube
Master´s student I IMIG Germany

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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