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Lean Learning Academy

Lean Learning Academy (LLA) is an experimental structure for Lean Manufacturing training and international collaboration between 7 of IMIG regions (UK, USA, Germany, Japan, China, UAE, and Philippines).

Universal rivalry created extensive challenges on business leaders, demanding a continuous adventure to boost sanity in the use of resources. As a management philosophy, Lean Manufacturing focuses on the elimination of activities that do not create any type of value and therefore are considered waste. For companies to successfully implement the Lean Manufacturing philosophy it is crucial that the human resources of the organisation have the necessary training, for which proper tools are required. At the same time, training companies or institutions need to introduce strong tools to encourage delegates or trainees to use what they learned after the course (conversion).

The following item highlights our approach, pre-course validation, programme outputs and successes. Our LLA has achieved great progress in various sectors and organisations; from SME to multinational/global companies. Supporting our clients in building internal capabilities is the main focus through-out the programme.


Khalid Said
EVP Cross-Industry I IMIG UK Ltd.

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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