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Introduction of “Future Catalog” by FMIC

The Future catalog method is used in workshops in the field of innovation excellence and organizing systematically new business ideas. The Future catalog method was developed by FMIC (IMIG Japan) and is used by many companies.

What is Future catalog?

A Future catalog is to confirm the business image of the developed Future Business Unit (FBU) and new product, new service. What kind of chance you can find as an innovation leader is the most important viewpoint. Even if your FBU is in an attractive business at attractive market, it is highly possible for others to enter the same market with the same idea.  Therefore, it is necessary to design the large framework of what kind of innovation we are about to develop with consideration for the market creativity and business innovative level.

Future Catalog is to design the future business image of what value we can provide to the customer’s need/problem/solution, with what product/service, etc.  It is done by integrating the discussion results achieved up to now.

The catalog should have 2 aspects: 

1) Business concept, what we can contribute to customer. (soft /intention)
2) Business image, product, function, usage. (hard)

Case study

This figure shows the image of the future catalog. Device maker A company visualizes the hypothesis of the solution at the stage of designing a new product. It is not possible for related parties to share the purpose with a proposal containing only letters. However, if the leader visualizes the concept as shown in this figure, many colleagues can understand the purpose. We can also discover potential needs by presenting this catalog to potential customers.


Kazuo Ooiwa
Managing Director I FMIC / IMIG Japan

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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