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International Management & Innovation Group AG founds and opens a new location in Hampshire, United Kingdom

We are very pleased to announce that the IMIG Group has added a further location from 13.01.2020. The shareholders successfully completed the formation of IMIG UK in the Island city of Portsmouth.

Mr. Alun Tribe has been appointed Managing Director for the new location. Alun has many years of leadership and engineering experience with automotive and aerospace companies.

Why the United Kingdom?

The UK is famous around the world for its development of Iconic brands and new technology. Thanks to previous success and relationships, IMIG UK is proud to say it is already working with prestige automotive companies and suppliers in the UK. 

IMIG UK is a natural fit to the IMIG group as the close ties already in place throughout Europe, Japan and China align completely to the organisations based here and the challenges that the UK faces.  The core competencies allow us to be your partner of choice to facilitate the development of Profitable Growth and Operational Expertise.

Recent developments in the UK have seen new automotive companies emerge, new car plants open and an expansion in technologies supporting composites, electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Motorsport technologies, especially Formula One, continue to thrive in the UK and the talent pool for all of this when we consider Industry 4.0 is a real opportunity for industrial excellence.

IMIG is perfectly placed to support our clients across the world and take a true global view.  Whilst many companies will be establishing new strategies as Brexit develops it is important to see there is a wider picture for the future for the UK. 

Due to the strength of our customer base, IMIG UK is planning significant growth for 2020 and is already looking for further qualified employees to represent the company in the near future.


Alun Tribe
Alun Tribe
Managing Director I IMIG UK

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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