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Kanban Simulation developed by IMIG

Kanban system in production environment is a material flow organization structure that uses precise signals to move parts through various stages of the production steps. It is a tool aimed to avoid waste like increased inventory and focuses on restocking the reserves to a maximum value. Kanban works with the “Pull Principle”. It reacts to the consumption of material rather than planned demand with Just-in-Time principle. It is a self-regulating control circuit that ensures material supply at the right time and at the right place. The system has to be very precise and accurate for its smooth functioning. Any mismanagement could lead to a production breakdown.

IMIG as consulting organization, we aim towards high quality training and coaching for every system we implement at our customer. Kanban is a unique system, which is very efficient when operated flawlessly. Both, managers and shopfloor employees, use it. The shopfloor employees directly work with the system in the production and managers are mostly responsible for monitoring and triggering operations.

We at IMIG have developed a Kanban Simulation that duplicates real Kanban process. Both the Push-Principle and Kanban Pull-Principle are simulated which helps in understanding the principles and comparing the outcomes. The simulation uses basic equipment like LEGO blocks to replace real products. There are enormous advantages with the use of Kanban Simulation system.

  • Flexibility: The simulation is very flexible which can be adopted and related to any organization or processes. This creates real-time atmosphere to which the employees can easily relate and understand.

  • Complex System: The processes in the production system are generally complex and difficult to replicate. The simulation provides complete understanding of the Kanban System that can be easily related to the complex system.

  • No damage to real process: Simulations provide a huge advantage, as the real processes are untouched. This assures the processes in the organization are not altered until validation. The direct process changes are prone to risk, which can lead to very high expense. With simulation, the concepts can be tested in a demo-like atmosphere and then be moved to real processes.

  • Address Questions: With the help of simulation, questions related to Kanban can be easily answered along with the possibility of testing real-time flow in the system. All the questions like ‘What if ….’ can be directly simulated and the corresponding results can be observed.

  • Address different impact: The probabilities and possibilities of different situation can be observed by making changes in the Kanban Flow. Different outcomes of the process can be visualised and the impact of the changes can be compared.

  • Short Time: Coaching and Training concepts are usually high time consuming. The simulation is very compact, requiring only 2-4 hours for the complete simulation. This is a huge advantage as the simulation provides in-depth Kanban knowledge with the process understanding in a very short amount of time.

  • Fun: The simulation is designed for the employees to actively participate in the tasks and be part of the process. The tasks are real-time and quite challenging and hence increases the employee involvement and interest.

The Kanban Simulation provides wide range of benefits to the organization. The simulation predicts the result of the action before they happen in the real world. The Kanban simulation endorses in correct implementation of Kanban system in an organization with efficient use of resources.

Anuj Lodaya
Junior Consultant I IMIG Germany

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.


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