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IMIG Japan carries out new Business Development workshop (Innovation Challenge Training)

Client Profile: FUJITSU FRONTECH Ltd. (Belong to Fujitsu Group)

Global Sales Revenue JPY 896,719 million
Employee Global 3,685 (Japan1, 675)

Products & Solutions           

  • POS machine for Retail Shops & Supermarket
  • ATM & ATM Support Solution for Bank
  • Dispensing unit of ATM
  • Handy Terminal & Solution service for Retails shops, logistics & warehouse
  • RFID & RFID system for retail shop & warehouse
  • Display for Sports Stadium, outside big signboard & solution
  • Palm Vein Authentication
  • Airline Printer & Solution
  • POS & Mobile Solution for Retail Shops & Supermarket


Fig. 1: Fujitsu Frontech Ltd.

Client Situation & Issue:

  • Due to decreasing ATM & POS systems market in Japan, they have to produce NEW Product, New Service & New Business. And also sell them a global market.
  • They have been trying to change their capability of Operational Excellence into Innovation Excellence.
  • They have to develop their Technology and keep competitiveness in Japan & Global.
  • They have to describe new business by using new technology and solution.

Project / Approach:

To achieve Innovation, this means our client develop new business and make new Business-Model with own customers (Co-Creation). The Client doesn’t only get new capability and strengthen current capability but also acquire experience of practice by Innovation training and also practice is done in CAPDO cycle style, same as quick cycle PDCA, with actual customers.

For First stage, we start to change the capability of the department by “The out of box thinking” and collaboration training. Next is that we try to describe Business design/Plan by business model design training. The third stage is that we don’t only develop Business-Model including products, Technology and Service. But also create new core-competence.

In this time, we just started a small project of the first stage. The project name is “Business Ideathon”. This image is below:

Fig. 2: Program Future Design by individual

Fig. 3: Process of Business idea Boot Camp

Fig. 4: Future business catalogue by team


  • Five Future Business Catalogues
  • Over 60 seeds of the business idea grew

Mind Change

Executive officer and many GM came to this room and they made comment by “K&T” Feedback comments style as a new style.

Fig 5: K&T Feedback Comments style

Next Steps & Action:

We offer a new program of GM Training about innovation, apply New business development Process and continue Innovation Training.

Jin Suzuki
Senior Consultant I FMIC/IMIG Japan

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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