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IMIG Highlights from 2021 and expectations for 2022

Dr. Matthias Hartmann, founder and board member of IMIG AG reports on the past year 2021 and the coming new year 2022.


Dr. Matthias Hartmann  I  Founder and CEO IMIG AG


Dear readers and those interested in IMIG,

a year ago, I named the Covid-19 pandemic as one of the unexpected factors in 2020 in my article - I would never have expected to write my current article a year later in the middle of the 4th Covid-19 wave. For us at IMIG and for almost all of our clients, Covid-19 has significantly changed the way we work, the working environment and the way we collaborate. However, despite travel restrictions, we are still on site with our clients whenever possible and help as usual with concrete implementation steps. We are therefore still "in the middle of it" and not just "with it". Thanks to our willingness and ability to break new ground time and again, we have been able to master the major changes to maintain our value proposition to our clients very successfully so far.


At home in the world and successful

Virtually as a copy of what I said a year ago, I can once again use the motto "unbelievable, but true", because in 2021, despite all the challenges, we have once again topped the previous, already excellent years. Huge congratulations to our international team of experts and best thanks to our clients for the as always very good and trusting cooperation. Especially the many new, innovative consulting approaches and project topics have led to the fact that we were able to achieve great successes for and with our clients and to help them with their challenges in the long term.

Our new organisational structure introduced in 2020 with the three globally aligned business units

  • AM: Automotive & Mobility (headed by Alun Tribe, UK)
  • ME: Machine & Equipment (headed by Christian Pfingstl, Germany)
  • CIS: Cross Industry Sections (headed by Khalid Said, UK – Kazuo Ooiwa, Japan)

has contributed greatly to our ability to break new ground in order to maintain or rediscover success for our customers. We have added another new IMIG location to our international footprint for the CIS business unit topics in 2021. We are pleased to be represented in the United Arab Emirates with Dr. Mohammed Al-Manei and IMIG UAE.


In the middle of the future

Future topics such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, carbon neutral manufacturing and future mobility are being worked on by the international IMIG teams in a number of customer projects alongside the classics such as business excellence,  supply base development, agile project management and agile organisation. The topics of assessment centre and interim experts/interim management have developed particularly positively in 2021. We were able to cushion the high volatility in the industry with our experts and our know-how.

In 2022, we will remain true to our motto "Shaping the future" with further expansion-oriented location development and the further development of our organisation with global expert teams and local implementation.

I am extremely pleased to be able to continue working in such a highly dynamic environment. To all those who are shaping the future with us or like us, I wish a great start to the coming year and many successful adventures on the way to new goals. My appreciation goes to our clients and our super team in equal measure.

With this in mind - here's to an exciting and successful 2022.


Dr. Matthias Hartmann
Founder and CEO I IMIG AG

For additional information on IMIG, please contact us either by email: or by phone at: +49 (0) 7152 / 928 460.

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