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IMIG Highlights from 2019 and Expectations for 2020

Dr. Matthias Hartmann, founder and CEO of IMIG AG, reports on the past year 2019 and the upcoming new year 2020

Following our rating of recent years as excellent, 2019 has again beat the previous trend. We were able to achieve great success for and with our clients through a lot of innovative and interesting project topics. In addition to our long-standing clients, we managed to win several new customers of great interest, particularly in the market segments of automotive engineering and machine and plant construction. We were able to significantly exceed our budget figures for 2019. My thanks for this repeated excellent result go out equally to our clients and our great team. At this point, I would also like to sincerely thank everyone for their trust placed in us, their great commitment, and their very good collaboration across our growing number of international locations. The year 2019 has given me personally a lot, too, and most importantly: It was really fun, despite the very high workload!

IMIG Germany

At IMIG Germany (IMIG IC), Christian Pfingstl has now taken over the helm very
successfully as the sole managing director and strengthened the team very well with
additional senior consultants.  We can be very confident with this for the year 2020 so that we will continue to focus on profitable growth for our clients and our team in
Germany. The future topics of digitalization, Industry 4.0, and business process
management with IT focus and agility are being successfully handled and show very good approaches for further development. By having our previous co-managing
director, Thoralf Enström, switch to the management of IMIG USA, we are making an important step toward transferring know-how for 2020.

IMIG Austria

With IMIG Austria GmbH, founded in 2018, we conclude the second eventful business year with additional lessons learned. From the location in Villach, several projects in the Alpine-Adriatic region were handled together with the other IMIG locations in
Europe, so that we now see a good basis for further development in 2020 despite the required change in management. Even for ourselves, real-life sometimes shows other ways than the supposedly best ones. However, our model of the "mountain guide" also applies here; with our next attempt, we will be better prepared and will be able to read and interpret local situations much better. Thus, following the unexpected difficulties in 2019, we are now following the motto "Starting Over in 2020."

IMIG Czech

In the first business year after the founding of IMIG Czech s.r.o., based in Prague, two intensive projects have already been successfully handled. To further strengthen our focus on project topics in Eastern Europe and accelerate the development of our local team on site, this task will be increasingly managed by IMIG HQ in 2020. For interested parties with experience and motivation in industry and management consulting, there are great positions available in the team at IMIG in the Czech Republic. I look forward to our planned reinforcement for further business development. After our green light exactly one year ago, we will continue with renewed vigor in 2020!

IMIG Spain

The specialization of our activities in Spain and Italy moved forward very well with local and international projects in 2019 so that we can increase support our clients there with local teams in 2020. With Xavier Pujol, we have an excellent senior partner in Spain, and Massimiliano Coco and Dino di Lucrezia are helping us along  beautifully  with the topics in Italy. As another positive step for our outlook on 2020, I particularly look forward to the founding of IMIG UK Inc. coming up in January/February to further expand our activities in England and make ourselves (more) independent from a
potential Brexit.

IMIG Japan / IMIG China

From Europe to Asia: After more than 15 years of successful joint venture experience in Japan, we have been active with our 100% IMIG subsidiary from Tokyo since the beginning of 2018 and see good and stable development after expanding our
involvement there under the continued leadership of our longtime Japan managing director, Kazuo Ooiwa. Important regular clients continue to work with us together in trust, and exciting new customers have been won by our local team. Important topics of the future, such as future mobility, artificial intelligence, and future management will be handled jointly by IMIG in Japan and China in several client projects. With Edward Liu as our managing director of IMIG China, we can set important and very good
impulses for further expansion of our China activities. In addition to our well-known activities in South Korea and India, IMIG Australia was founded in 2019 and also
managed by Edward Liu; as Executive Director Asia, Cyril Berg looks after the use of synergies between the Asian locations and after further regional development.


From Asia to North America: With the transfer of Thoralf Enström from the
management of IMIG Germany to the US, our growth in the US will receive additional impetus. After the positive development already in 2019, we see further potential for implementing our IMIG Future Prints USA in 2020. Consequently, in May 2020, our 2020 Global Strategy Meeting will take place in Phoenix, Arizona based on a "Global Benchmark / Smart Factory & Digitalization" conference, with our motto for 2020: "Shaping the Future."

For the year 2020, our major topics are

  • Future mobility
  • Digitalization / Industry 4.0
  • Agile enterprise organization and agile project management
  • Business excellence
  • Supplier development
  • Assessment center

Also, we are currently handling consulting projects on global manufacturing
footprint, supply base development, organizational development, ERP optimization, lean & agile management, strategy and sales concepts, and factory and logistics

On a closing note for 2019, allow me at this point to emphasize once again the
extraordinary client orientation, quality, flexibility, motivation, and commitment of all our employees. Without their great dedication and very good and trusting teamwork, these successes would not be possible, especially in the consulting business. Likewise, my thanks go out again to our long-standing and new clients for their faith placed in us. It is a pleasure and honor for me to continue working in such a creative and successful environment.

Matthias Hartmann
Dr. Matthias Hartmann
Founder and CEO, IMIG AG

For additional information on IMIG, please contact us either by email: or by phone at: +49 (0) 7152 / 928 460.

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