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IMIG have successfully supported one of the world’s luxury car manufacturer

Meeting Large Automotive supplier’s needs despite Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Our client, an automotive 1st tier supplier was struggling post launch to meet an increase in customer demand without negatively impacting their quality and operational cost. We were recommended by their customer (a global luxury car manufacturer) to support them in overcoming this problem, to do this we faced a wide range of challenges.

Before IMIG’s support, our client was only achieving red status in all three of our QCD assessments categories; quality, operational cost, and delivery. To de-escalate the problems in the above areas IMIG recognised downfalls in each category and proceeded to work with the company to improve these shortcomings.

Our first success was with supporting our client in removing an already identified substantial transportation waste. The new product manufacturing was split across 2 separate sites so a plan was created to establish one process in one location. With our guidance and management they were able to successfully carry out their plan to do this, consequently eliminating the substantial transportation waste.

Secondly, we put their assembly processes under the spotlight and deducted the best way to improve them was to focus on the production line layout and train the workforce to improve competency. Additionally, we carried out a work balance activity to help them achieve the 24 kits per day customer TAKT.

24 Weeks OTIF

Finally, we successfully represented their customer to facilitate a remote audit to convert the manufacturing process approval status from red to green. In conclusion, this case study has turned out be another great example of IMIG’s ability to cement successes in a work environment by gaining the trust of both the client and their customer, and using this trust in combination with our expertise and knowledge to streamline and improve a business.


Khalid Said
Senior Consultant I IMIG UK Ltd.

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