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IMIG has named Khalid Said as its new and 3rd executive vice-president

Converting interim into full-time role  

Khalid led the “Cross Industry Section” (CIS) business unit for 6 months, demonstrating an outstanding set of skills which resulted in IMIG offering him this executive role. CIS covers all customers that do not fall under Automotive/Mobility or Machinery/Equipment sections.

Khalid Said


Utilising wealth of experience

CIS operates in such a way which enhances the team’s 100+ years of knowledge to support our clients across the globe (12 entities). As we are still recovering from 2021 challenges while also preparing ourselves for new 2022 challenges, this experience and knowledge from CIS will play a crucial role in IMIG meeting their targets.

Thanks to the contributions of the entire team, we are building a very attractive global operating model to satisfy our clients within multiple sectors and regions, part of this is our “Global future lab” offering. Success of this model will rely heavily on the contribution of the expertise currently within our possession. Our first hurdle will be successfully unleashing this expertise in an efficient manner.


LEAN = Manufacturing?

Also, another barrier we tend to face is the “Lean only works well in Manufacturing” claim.

Yes, Lean originates from the high volume, low variety (mass) car manufacturing of Toyota, however since its discovery outside Japan has also applied to many other disciplines. Service industries such as; healthcare, hotels and restaurants, governments financial institutions and education have adopted elements of lean with great success.

With our highly qualified and diverse lean experts we are able to demonstrate, with evidence, the benefits of applying lean principles in such sectors.


Dr. Matthias Hartmann
Founder and CEO I IMIG AG

For additional information on IMIG, please contact us either by email: or by phone at: +49 (0) 7152 / 928 460.

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