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IMIG Austria: Optimizing processes and fully unfolding potential with SIPOC

In the first half of the year, IMIG Austria was allowed to mine for potential at Alturos Destinations GmbH. Alturos is Austria's export champion in destination marketing. With its different product concepts, Alturos leads its customers into an ideal coordinated winter holiday and with state-of-the-art technology that ensures the best entertainment on and off the ski slopes. Over 300 costumers and 3.5 million user of the Skiline have ensured the fast growth of this successful organization. At the same time, this brings new challenges.

In our experience, fast-growing medium-sized businesses and start-ups see big changes when they exceed employee numbers of 12, 36 and 100. This is due to the social dynamics that require very different guidance needs in small groups, large groups, and organizations. Alturos Destinations GmbH has made such a leap in growth by elegantly merging its organizationally separate lines of business. Two separate companies, each with fewer than 36 employees, have been merged to form a streamlined organization of more than 85 employees, making it necessary to further develop organizational thinking. 

Create transparency with the SIPOC method

With the help of social science group dynamics and lean management, IMIG was able to make the potential of current organizational mechanisms transparent with selected employees and executives. The staff found the SIPOC method to be very helpful in demonstrating not only the classic dependency chain "supplier-customer", but also workflows. Employees changed their perspective and suddenly incorporated the challenges of their colleagues in other departments into optimizing the entire process. The multifocal suggestions for change are thus easier for management to classify into a global context and to implement them. SIPOC also serves as preparation for comprehensive value stream mapping and thus enables the presentation and further development of organizational processes.

Fig. 1: SIPOC method, source: GoLeanSixSigma

We look forward to working with Alturos and its employees to develop a clear roadmap that will be the starting point for a major reorganization of the company.

Christian Pfingstl
Managing Director I IMIG Austria

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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