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IMIG Austria: Business Excellence at Kastner ZT-GmbH - A company's development in the life-phase model

In the summer of 2019, IMIG Austria was able to follow the transition from one lifecycle phase to another at the successful civil engineering company Kastner ZT-GmbH based in Klagenfurth.

The civil engineers of Kastner ZT-GmbH plan and accompany construction projects in and around Austria, from ordinary single-family homes to representative company headquarters to gigantic tunnel chains. Like many engineering firms, Mr. Kastner started his career as a one-man business over 25 years ago. Soon a first office worker arrived, along with a first technical expert. Kastner ZT-GmbH now consists of around 45 employees who manage complex construction projects on two floors and at various external locations. In order to maintain this success, Mr. Kastner and his partners are always concerned with the further development of the company and its employees in addition to the acquisition of large orders. The company, in turn, has them to thank for their great employer reviews in employee surveys.

Despite all efforts, however, even the most successful organization has its blind spots. In order to identify these, Mr. Kastner consulted IMIG Austria. The external perspective of our objective consultants as part of a Business Excellence project makes successful companies even better and supports the economic well-being of the business in the future.

Kastner ZT-GmbH
Fig. 1: Headquarters of the Kastner ZT-GmbH in Klagenfurth, source: Kastner ZT-GmbH

In order to clarify the situation of the company in the best possible way, we have utilized the life-phase model for organizations according to Friedrich Glasl[1]. Each company can be assigned a life-phase, from which one can draw conclusions about necessary developments:

Life-phase model according to Friedrich Glasl

Each phase is also associated with one of the four natural elements, which gives a very plastic perspective on the company - suddenly, the concrete reason as to why people sometimes “burn out” (end phase 1) or why certain processes in the company are as “rigid as clay” (End phase 2) becomes apparent. The concept of flow (transition to phase 3) can also be traced back to this. Our customers find a very conclusive overview through the model and feel reminded by the association during their daily work which element they want to develop into. The implementation of the advisory recommendations succeeds thereby intuitively.

[1] Source: F. Glasl, B. Lievegoed: Dynamische Unternehmensentwicklung: Grundlagen für nachhaltiges Change Management

Life-phase model
Fig. 2: Life-phase model according to Friedrich Glasl

Kastner ZT-GmbH has also derived important measures of organizational development for itself and changed the structures of the company extensively. This resulted in stronger employee participation, which is associated with a great deal of appreciation for the skills of the workforce. The further development of communication structures and work processes has also become a priority in 2019, and Kastner ZT-GmbH is planning to take the next step towards Business Excellence with IMIG Austria in 2020.

Christian Pfingstl
Managing Director I IMIG Austria

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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