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IMIG Assessments lead your company to success! Company position and development potential for success-critical topics

For topics with high potential for efficiency gains and growth opportunities, we at IMIG have developed 3-day assessments, which are tailored to the needs of the customer. At the end of the third day, there is a report as well as a management presentation to show the current performance level, the causes of the problems and an implementation plan for the company - to raise potential.

What can you expect? 

The aim of the assessments is, in the first step, to present a clear picture of the current situation of the company for the respective topic. For this purpose, we conduct interviews and small workshops with your employees, have data submitted to us and reflect these on so-called Best-In-Class Companies. 

After this recording, evaluation and classification phase, we get to the bottom of the current problems and causes. These can vary greatly depending on the company and industry. With the relevant departments and/or persons, we conduct in-depth interviews or analyze further data. From this step, improvement measures can then be derived, which we divide into quick wins, medium-term measures, and long-term measures. We translate the measures into a roadmap and present the implementation proposal to the management with a final report at the end of the third day. This usually results in concrete implementation projects in which we are happy to assist you with IMIG - you decide where you need us!

Fig. 1: IMIG Approach

Which assessments are available? 

For each assessment, we have developed a questionnaire and proved it in practice. This is completed in interviews, Gemba walks, and data analysis. In addition, we collect valuable quantitative and qualitative impressions of the company. 

The following assessments have proven themselves so far: 

  • Lean-Assessment

    We are convinced that companies can not only save costs by applying lean methods and lean philosophy but can also develop themselves and their employees in a promising way. In this assessment, we check your status on lean management, both in order processing and in indirect areas.
  • Supplier Assessment

    Do you have suppliers who have been in the backlog for a long time or are often unable to meet delivery deadlines? In this assessment, we analyze the current situation from a neutral point of view and ensure that both parties agree on an implementation roadmap with measures.
  • ERP-Assessment

    With the ERP system, the company can be controlled centrally. Are you using your ERP system correctly? The correct use of the ERP system can greatly reduce the cost and throughput times. We at IMIG have independent ERP experts and tell you where you still have weaknesses when using the ERP system and show improvement measures.
  • Industry 4.0 assessment

    How well are you as a company prepared for digitization with regard to strategy, business model and implementation? Do you use all the potential for cost reduction and potential growth? This assessment will show you the possibilities, potentials and next steps and let you look at your company from a new perspective.

Why IMIG? The IMIG approach

It is fundamentally important to us that the assessments are not viewed as pure audits by their employees. We want to engage your employees in the assessments of the topic, let them realize that something needs improvement, and ultimately motivate them to do it as a team. If the defined measures are subsequently implemented, we regard the assessment as successful!


Dennis Mayer

Dennis Mayer
Consultant I IMIG Germany

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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