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FMIC, Inc. from Tokyo, Japan, became a 100% subsidiary of IMIG AG

ヽ(^o^)丿HAJIMEMASHITE!! (Nice to meet you!)

At the general shareholders meeting on February 26, this year, JMAC's holdings were fully sold to IMIG AG and FMIC became a 100% subsidiary of IMIG. IMIG, JMAC and FMIC will continue to maintain friendly relations based on collaborated project.

The FMIC Japan

To get more detailed information about the FMIC, we will tell you something about the Japanese subsidiary of IMIG: FMIC office is located in the centre of Tokyo, near Tokyo Tower. The basic idea of Future Management, which is a main topic of FMIC is: "The future is not something to come, what we create from now on". In order to practice this future management, we are working on "strengthening the drawing skills of the future" and "strengthening the practical skills of future creation" with our clients.

Our main clients are Japanese excellent high-tech companies such as Murata Manufacturing, Fujitsu, HONDA, RISO etc.

Our Values

We have 5 values and particularly two are important:

KYOSO = Collaboration with clients and create something
RINRI = Emphasize compliance with our clients

Since FMIC became one of the members of IMIG Group, we can collaborate and contribute to IMIG Group, especially in the field of “INNOVATION EXCELLENCE”.

Current research at our Future Lab

Actually, we are studying to develop new industries in the future. We call it “Future-Laboratory”. Among the several new industries, we FMIC focus in the ”AI”, “Digital Innovation”, “NEXT Mobility (E-mobility)“. Dr Hartmann will participate in the Future Laboratory workshop in June. We are looking forward to having a good discussion with him. It will bring us new ideas.

Kazuo Ooiwa
Kazuo Ooiwa
Managing Director I FMIC/IMIG Japan

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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