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Engaging Your People in Continuous Improvement with 1-Day Lean Training

We are proud of our Continuous Improvement (CI) training approach. We designed an affective training model (CBC) that can provide our customers quick return on their investment.

Our CBC (Capability by conversion) training course or workshop consists of good balance between theory and practical. This workshop gives clear distinctions between CI (Continuous Improvement), LEAN and Six Sigma. It also allows delegates to reflect when they physically apply what they learned back at their workplace.

CBC has achieved up to 94% conversion rate. Which means delegates are applying the tools after the course and improving their own processes. They are finding the time to convert theory to practical and add value.

Key successes:

  • Positive mind-set change
  • Reduction in process cycle times
  • Improving work environment
  • Increase throughput
  • Improving productivity
  • Bottom line savings

We invite you to learn more about our 1-day lean training in the following:


Programme background

Successful change requires 5 key elements and there are consequences to any missing element, as shown below.


We are working together to ensure every element is covered. To meet the requirements for the 2nd element (Skills), we need to build a company own “Continuous Improvement” (CI) team and culture.

Figure 1: Relationship between vision, skills, incentives, resources and action plan


  • To ensure knowledge transfer from the IMIG team to the company’s team.
  • To ensure change sustainability.
  • To build a CI culture – make it a habit.
  • To support the company’s long-term vision.

This workshop gives the selected candidates an equal opportunity to acquire new skills and techniques aimed at continuously improving the way the company operates. The training is designed to deliver both practical and soft skills and will follow a ‘Prepare Me – Show Me – Help Me – Sustain Me’ model where during and post training coaching will help embed and sustain learning.


Workshop topics

We follow a tailored agenda which suits the company’s culture and aiming to follow each module with practical workshop activity.

Figure 2: Training modules


Feedback Scores

To collate information on the perceived quality of training delivery from a participant’s point of view, a dual evaluation sheet is completed at the end of the training or workshop. The evaluation covers:

  • Objective scoring across a range of workshop elements shown (see figure 3)
  • Subjective comments [good and bad] on aspects of the delivery methods utilised and the course structure (see table 1)

Figure 3: Evaluation of the training by the participants


Did you get more or less out of the course than you expected? If less, what was missing?
  • More than expected. Enjoyed the participation activities.
  • As expected for a one-day course.
  • More – found it very practical and useable in day to day activities.
  • More than expected out of today.
  • More, brand new tools were introduced.
  • More. (x2)
  • Took more than expected.
  • More. A lot of info for one day, but did not feel overloaded.
  • It was good to refresh on some topics, I have not used for a while and able to learn new tools also.
  • I got a lot more than expected out of it as there was good cross-functional involvement from the whole team. Khalid was very knowledgeable and the presentation was very slick with good easy to understand examples.
What specific topics in the course should be omitted/added/emphasised more or less?
  • Emphasized more on 5S.
  • Emphasized more on line balance.
  • None (x2)
In what specific ways could the course be improved?
  • None (x2)
  • Flow, time saving, organisation.
  • Workshop was excellent. Should be rolled out across company.
  • Kan Ban system / feeder delivery parts.
  • Being longer to gain further knowledge.
  • I would not change it.
Would you recommend this course to your associates?
  • Yes. Definitely. (x9)
  • Yes, lots of good information for starters. Lots of information we can use on our shop floor.
  • All staff please!
Additional Comments
  • Excellent day!
  • Great course really enjoyed myself. Big eye opener on 5S, LEAN & CI.
  • Really enjoyed course. Good mix of practical & theory to keep me engaged.
  • Brilliant course and was great to see everyone fully engaged throughout.

Table 1: Participant's feedback


Khalid Said
Senior Consultant I IMIG UK Ltd.

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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