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Electric Vehicle Manufacturers facing a ‘Perfect Storm’ of critical issues, turn to IMIG for quick and effective support!

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (EVs) are currently experiencing a combination of factors that are causing severe performance issues.   In the popular movie, “The Perfect Storm’  a group of separate, individual storms come together at the same time to form a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ super storm, with catastrophic results.  For Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, three separate ‘storms’ have now joined together.    

Storm #1 formed as the demand for EVs has grown at a phenomenal rate and numerous auto makers are scrambling to address this rapidly growing market opportunity.  Added to this storm’s strength is the fact that there already exists a clear market leader and the strength of this storm grows as other players rush to catch up.

Storm #2 grew out of the increased demand for critical components generated by Storm #1 and gained strength rapidly as the existing ability of suppliers to meet current demand was totally consumed by Storm #1.  Suppliers of these critical components are now facing the same rapid growth demands as the EV manufacturers providing more strength to this storm.

And Storm #3 has spawned from the general ‘newness’ of the technologies and processes needed for EV manufacturing.  As auto makers take up the challenge of manufacturing vehicles with electric drives, many of the most important people responsible for implementing these new manufacturing processes are also experiencing a ‘personal evolution’, learning how to build this new generation of EVs.

Today, Storms 1, 2 and 3 have joined together.  The challenge facing all EV manufacturers is how best to navigate through the Super Storm and emerge as a successful player in the EV Marketplace!

IMIG as your ‘Pilot’ is ready to work Hand-in-Hand with EV Captains to navigate your business through this storm!

IMIG is a global consulting company with extensive experience partnering directly with organizations to quickly implement programs aimed at ‘Change Management’, ‘Supply Chain Optimization’, ‘Lean Operations & Process Development’ and ‘Personal Growth & Expertise Development’.  With over 20 years of worldwide experience partnering with market leading manufacturers in many different industries, IMIG applies the lessons learned over time to help organizations not only deal with the issues of today, but also helps to shape and implement the programs needed to be successful in the future.


We start  with the basic belief that in order to meet the expectations of our clients, we must have a strong understanding of our client’s specific needs AND establish a close working partnership with our clients to address those needs.   Our experiences have proven time and time again that to be successful for our clients, our role is not limited to ‘pointing the way’ or providing a road map,  but rather we work side-by-side with our clients throughout the program.   Think of IMIG as a pilot or guide with a hands-on approach and taking each step along the way together with our clients. 


This hands-on, side-by-side philosophy is exactly the right approach to fight through the ‘perfect storm’ buffeting EV manufacturers today.  Having successfully guided other organizations through similar conditions, IMIG is prepared to put our unique combination of experience and knowledge to good use helping EV manufacturers to not just survive the current ‘storm’ but prosper through the challenges and come out stronger and positioned to successfully compete in the EV marketplace.


For additional information please visit our website at or contact me directly at . 

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