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Business Unit Cross Industry - Activity News

We are developing cross-industry segment (CIS) customer and optimal application methods. The characteristics of CIS customers are as follows:

・ Many technology-oriented companies are enthusiastic about human resource development

・ Many B2B style companies are enthusiastic about developing advanced technology

We are enthusiastic about developing new businesses that correspond to the development of communications and automobiles etc.

To provide training and consulting on the best innovation methods for these companies, FMIC has developed and launched an online-style workshop. The so called Online Future-Lab.

We have prepared 20 training menus to meet the needs of CIS customers. These menus are divided into four areas.

1) Forwarding

We will consider how to apply industrial changes such as SDGs, carbon neutrality, Industry 4.0, and CASE to the business development.

2) Arising

We will think about how to effectively develop medium- to long-term strategic issues. For example, grand design method, Chasm breakthrough method or new business development method.

3) Deepening

We develop the basic skills of teams and organizations. For example, team building by OODA loop or Front loading of development.

4) Expanding

We will develop the necessary capabilities for the future. For example, the development of strategic thinking and collaboration ability becomes the basic ability development of innovation.

See the following chart for details on these menus.

Each menu is a 1-hour course (overview), 2-hour course (understanding of methods),

4-hour course (methods and case studies). We can provide this seminar in Japanese and English, so please contact the IMIG staff if you are interested.


Kazuo Ooiwa

Managing Director I FMIC / IMIG Japan

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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