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Brexit and IMIG - Where is the connection?!

The Brexit negotiations look like a crime thriller from the outside. On the one hand, the EU is preparing for a contingency plan in the event of the negotiations failing, and on the other hand, breakthroughs in the negotiations are reported. Does politics really operate as haphazardly as it seems to? The British economy is increasingly running out of patience with the risk of an uncontrolled exit from the EU. So, what to do?

Individual strategy papers exposes opportunities and risks for your company

At IMIG, we point out opportunities and risks for companies with regard to these important changes in politics and business in individually developed strategy papers. Many companies are now wondering what will become of the British market and how will it impact future strategic decisions? Are my subsidiaries and branches in the United Kingdom at risk? Or is it just a huge opportunity to conquer the UK market right now?

It is precisely these uncertainties and their possible effects that we will critically discuss with you. Not only when it comes to Brexit, but we also deal with other political and economic changes such as the Trump effect, the exhaust gas scandal, etc. We want to provide clarity, transparency, and security in future decisions in individually developed strategy papers.

Scenario Analysis

Our approach is individual, topic- or situation-related and designed for goals and framework conditions. In the beginning, however, we always start in a similar way. We collect all available information on the respective topic. In addition, we record the requirements and wishes of our customers so that the current situation and the current situation can be analyzed in the best possible way.

How to proceed then depends on the specific topic and task. A potential approach is shown in the figure below. A scenario analysis for a site decision was carried out. The scenarios are intended to show the customer both the opportunities and risks. There is also an overview of possible action chains with if-then sequences. This allows individual companies to weigh important decisions more effectively and strategically.  

At IMIG, we of course help and assist with carrying out and implementing the decision made by the company.

Scenario Analysis
Fig. 1: Overview procedure scenario analysis

The current development allows the assumption that the parliaments will grapple with the deal in the coming weeks. An extended transition period and a number of special rules are emerging on the horizon. This thriller is still exciting. And where does your company stand?

Lisa Lang
Lisa Lang
Junior Consultant I IMIG Germany

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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