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Best-In-Class-Check for automotive suppliers - Every OEM relays on robust supply chains

A 3-days assessment - how OEMs will gain sustainable improvements in their supply chain:

  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Analysis
  • Improvement Measures
  • Goals and Timeline

The automotive industry gets highly vulnerable in the event of interrupted supply chains. Every ramp-up requires mature processes and products alike. In reality, planning and control of the supply chain have limits aGer your supplier has already stumbled. As you may have experienced, each OEM has limitations in terms of internal capacities as well as access to daily routines at the site of their supplier.

What makes IMIG’s approach so successful, and how can you benefit?

IMIG serves you by serving your supplier like a mountain guide: We walk up the mountain together with our client, and we make sure to reach the top on a proven path!

Q: Why is IMIG’s approach successful for the supplier and you as OEM alike?

A: Noticed? Your Supplier Management Department can mostly focus on A- suppliers only. Some B- or C- suppliers need more guidance than an OEM is capable of providing. Especially smaller corporations or family-owned companies are hesitant to open up fully to their major customers. Here is where IMIG steps in and offers the trust level of a mediator. AGer an assessment, our consultants get hired by the supplier and therefore reports directly to them. However, a mutual progress report is to be shared regularly.

Q: What to expect as a result?

A: All improvements are backed by a clear management commitment as well as project management on the other side. A systematic approach provides transparency and sustainable results. Coaching and training alongside necessary changes guarantee a different behavior of the respective organization, thus a different, but desired outcome.


A 3-day assessment at your supplier will be the tipping point for the route back to success and robust processes. Contact us.


Thoralf Enström
Senior Consultant I IMIG USA

For further information please contact us either by mail: or by phone: +49 7152 928 460.

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