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A super quick intro to “Process-driven“

Unarguably, starting a business is a very significant step for people with BIG aspirations. However, successfully growing and efficiently maintaining one's line-of-business is always a very challenging task to face upto, and constantly diligently work on. Thus, it's crucial for business owners to realize that without implementing the right and most appropriate business processes per respective industry, they can very much expect near chaos, sooner rather than later in their business development cycle, and would thus inadvertently strangle growth. Therefore, adopting process-driven and seeking the assistance of management consulting experts to identify areas of weakness, and avoiding business mishaps proactively is the most logical, appropriate, and recommended solution.


The only question worth asking: “What is a driven-process”?

The given expression "Process-Driven" refers to the process of being able to implement the work independently by following a strict and persistent process. In fact, following sequential steps without stepping from one to another, or adding, or modifying steps and also without a need for a strict external involvement is the gist of “Process-driven”.

Since most of the respective organizations work notably to sharpen their processes specifically tailored to protect, preserve, and grow the organization’s initial capital across market cycles, the assigned processes would help you plan accordingly, to protect and preserve those corresponding valuable assets/capital within your firm.

For instance, an employee who has the ability of being process-driven will do his/her assigned job in a detailed manner and step by step, without direct involvement of the supervisor or without control being exercised. Such an employee is a process-driven person rather than being centric or subservient. In a nutshell, this employee appears to be self-sufficient, values the process over anything else in the workplace, and can do the job uninterruptedly or with a minimized number of breaks.


People-Driven vs. Process-Driven

People-driven organizations are dependent on individuals. Once the organization dwells on people for its stable progress, it can often limit efficiency, on the contrary, a process-driven organization accords ample attention to the business activities in a procedural manner. The whole show will go on as long as the process is maintained irrespective of the individual's presence.


Making the shift from people driven to process-driven

In order to make a profound shift from people-driven to process-driven, an organization needs to develop a system-driven approach and have a thorough analysis and understanding of your product/service. A combination of a flexible and operational regulatory framework should include: Policies and processes, authority, and sufficient detail of the what, when, how, and why.


Dr. Mohammed AlManei
Managing Director I IMIG UAE

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