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Sports management.


Whenever comparing the area of professional sports with outstanding companies in the industry, we can identify more similarities we may originally assume. At IMIG, we have taken a close look at these similarities and we have created exciting approaches for ensuring that sports management is ready for the future.

In the world of professional sports, everything is oriented towards athletes. “Success plays itself out on the field,” is one valid expression here. Without success in sports, everything is for nothing, but is that really all? We at IMIG believe that the vital importance of a professional sports environment is a prerequisite for an athlete to achieve – across all age categories. Success OFF the field leads to success ON the field – unfortunately, the inverse is often not taken for granted.

With our professional experience in the areas of strategy, innovation and organization, IMIG is able to work with sports clubs and enterprises to create the optimal conditions for efficient processes in connection with clearly delineated responsibilities and roles within the indirect area of professional sports. This ensures that success can actually be carried onto the field in the direct area of professional sports.

Interested in more detailed information about the topic of “excellence in sports management”? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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