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Keeping growth in mind!

“Making good companies even better”.
That is our motto here at IMIG. And this entails identifying opportunities for our customers early on and being resolute about using them – all across the world.

For us, this often involves the two well-known and often recommended growth paths:
1. Successfully introduce popular products into new markets.
This is one way we helped German medium-sized enterprises to successfully internationalize in new countries and markets.
2. Effectively boost revenue by introducing new products in well-known markets – the classic approach of innovation management.
Moreover, IMIG also seeks solutions that appear unconventional in standard textbooks. For there is also a third way, one that can be a real game-changer if you know how it works:

Conquering new markets with new products and services. Though this may contradict every rule in the book, in our experience, this approach delivers the greatest success as well. And what could be more satisfying than an accomplishment that no one initially thought would be achievable?

Interested in more detailed information on the topic of surprising “strategy and innovation management”? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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