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Is everything running smoothly?

Complaints about missing parts often go hand in hand with problems in production and assembly – and blame is quickly attributed to the poor suppliers who are the cause of such issues. These complaints grow even louder when the supply chain becomes more complex and international and the more that lean is used in combination with just in time – just in sequence – or pull is used together with fewer warehouse items. But complaining obviously doesn’t solve any problems. To address this, IMIG offers a “supply chain/supplier network process analysis” as well as a “supplier-system analysis”. These allow us to uncover problem areas, which were simply being overlooked. The point is to pinpoint problems in supply chain management so that the chronic symptoms can finally be overcome.

Our international experience, which includes conducting supplier-network process analyses with hundreds of suppliers worldwide, provides us with the tools needed to quickly uncover real problems within supply chain management. This allows us to ensure that an excellent and cohesive flow of goods for material supplies is maintained.

Interested in more detailed information about the topic of “supply chain management”? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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