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Consultants in overalls.

Consultants in overalls

Most of us can easily spot a corporate consultant when we see a fine pin-stiped suit, an obligatory wheeled suitcase and beautifully designed Powerpoint slides. That’s the cliché at least. You can recognize an IMIG consultant based on other factors: they carry experience from the industry and have no fear of interacting with others – especially when talking with straight-talking personnel from the area of production who won’t let anyone tell them “z” should come before “y”. They interact with just those individuals who are in charge of actually implementing and effectively applying process improvements.

IMIG consultants know that they have to work hard to build trust among the personnel in production. Among other things, this involves enabling staff members to recognize untapped potential for improvement on their own. The same applies in terms of management as well: Even the most experienced managers are amazed time and time again whenever we approach them with shop-floor processes using our chalk circle model. This allows managers to master the art of recognizing potential for improvement in equal measure – with the support of our IMIG staff acting as “consultants in blue overalls”. Our consultants have an eye for processes as a whole accompanied with a focus on manually using the machines hands on.

An IMIG consultant is only satisfied once improvements become apparent and tangible for everyone. Our consultants are anything but “conventional”.

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