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Build up rather than breaking down!

For many, the shorthand for lean management means going the wrong direction:
lean management = costs down, people out.

In view of this widespread misconception, we would like to draw attention to the original meaning of lean. In the first place, lean means “meat trimmed of fat”. In its extended meaning, a physically fit person also comes to mind. It’s about converting fat into muscle – it’s about a starvation diet.

In terms of business, lean stands for a well-oiled company, one that has learned to create stable processes and to master them. It has to do with companies that are fit for competing on the market and that are hungry for accomplishing new things. It is no coincidence that the world champions of lean management – Japanese companies – associate lean with robust, reliable processes. And in terms of fit, well-oiled processes, we should bear in mind that: learning from the Japanese means learning how to tidy up. This has to do with first laying a solid foundation, building on it and growing.

Here at IMIG, we have learned a great deal by working closely with the Japanese lean management fitness trainers. We have been operating in Japan with a very experienced team for years now – extremely rare in the area of corporate consulting. For us, lean management does not simply mean reducing headcounts but rather promoting strengths. We aim to make your staff fit for the challenges ahead and we make sure that they are DOING THE RIGHT THINGS CORRECTLY. Through this pure symbiosis characterized by effectiveness and efficiency, we make companies ready for the future.

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